The art of connecting cross-culturally sharing stories that matter

Now more than ever, an organization’s success depends on its ability to embrace a cross-cultural mindset. Traditionally, the benefit of this commitment to diversity is attributed to the creation of products and services that appropriately serve an ever-increasing diverse population. What many organizations fail to realize, however, is that not only must this global mindset be cultivated from within the organization first but that this internal shift can also have significant measurable benefits. Organizations who successfully embrace their internal cross-cultural diversity and actively encourage connection throughout all levels can expect to see increases in productivity, improved morale and decreased turnover. 

In this engaging, interactive training, Shanna leads teams to explore the impact and benefits of cross-cultural connection, sharing the roles diversity and inclusion have played in her inspirational journey to success. Team members will leave with a foundational understanding of unconscious bias and its influence in the workplace. They will have tools, and techniques to conquer stereotypes and create an inclusive environment.  By understanding this, your team will be stronger in sales and building relationships.

What will we learn: 

  • understanding unconscious bias
  •  Simple tools that facilitate authentic connections that foster a more inclusive environment
  • Specific ways to modify communication styles based on the cultural makeup of the organization

Participants will leave with a sense of belonging and that their uniqueness is appreciated. This feeling will foster a stronger sense of community and involvement in their everyday duties.

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