Just as a puzzle requires patience, strategy, and vision to complete, so does the process of cultivating a team that excels together.

Creating high-performing teams matters more than ever.

Are you a team leader who is . . .

Picture a Team Where All the Pieces Fit Together

In today’s fast-paced work environment, the key to a smooth and productive team is connection and collaboration.

Think of it as putting together a detailed puzzle – you start by laying out the edges, and then, piece by piece, you fit the intricate parts together. Every single piece is crucial to finishing the whole picture.

That’s the power of our team-building approach. First, we recognize each team member’s unique contributions and perspective. Then, we focus on how these pieces come together to create a complete picture.

The result is a team that appreciates one another, works well together, and their performance rocks!

Shanna Kabatznick

Mariana Marko

Hi, we’re Shanna Kabatznick and Mariana Marko!

We are your puzzle masters. We transform teams. Together, we bring expertise in team dynamics, communication, and exceptional performance. Our 30+ years of experience with government agencies, large corporations, non-profits, and small businesses means we understand the needs of teams of every shape and size.

In short, we work with teams so teams can work.

What makes us different?

Our approach begins well before training.

First, we have a discussion to assess what is happening with your team and understand what a high-performing team looks like for you. We also take time to understand your team culture and organizational goals.

Next, we design an interactive, engaging workshop experience  that aligns your team’s strengths, styles, and goals, ensuring that each member is contributing to the final picture. This is where transformation happens.

And it doesn’t end there. We meet with you after training to review the team’s progress. We provide you with strategies and simple tools to reinforce their positive relationships, proactive collaboration, and exceptional performance.

Let’s Put the Puzzle Pieces Together to Create Your High Performing Team!

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