Master Your Message, Make More Money

Transform your response to “What do you do?” into a real revenue by learning how to craft your unique message, where and how to market yourself, and how to monetize “let’s meet for coffee” into let’s talk business– in just 45 days!

“Shanna D Kabatznick teaches you how to put together a 30 second pitch for your business that will have a powerful impact and get you more clients. It's great to be prepared when someone asks you what you do or when you have to introduce yourself at networking events."
- Kyle Frayser
In this 45 Day Interactive Program You Will:
"I had a Strategy Session with Shanna and aside from being fun (who can't have a great time with this woman!) she made it so easy for me to figure out my message and know how to target my ideal clients."
- Liliana Tingler

How Master Your Message, Make More Money works:

Week 1: Craft Your Message

In this 60 min session (virtual Zoom meeting and recorded), you will learn exactly how to create and refine your own powerful response to “What do you do?” using the proven W.O.W. method. Plus, you will learn how to identify who is your specific ideal client, what is your tangible solution to their pressing problem, and WHY you are so passionate about helping them.

Week 2: Test Your Message

Share your newly crafted message at networking events, in conversations, and with trusted colleague to get feedback. Is it clear? Does it grab their attention? Is it understandable? Share your feedback on our private Facebook group so we can hone your message for greater impact.

Week 3: Market with Purpose

In this 60 min session (virtual Zoom meeting and recorded), you will learn exactly how to determine the best places, groups and events to for you to network to connect with your ideal client. Plus, you will learn the specific behaviors and actions to take to effectively connect with others when you are there, including what to say to ask for a meeting or deeper virtual conversation.

Week 4: Implement Your Marketing

Identify several places to network with your ideal clients and attend events. Continue to share your new crafted message and practice your new connection and conversation strategies. Share your results on our private Facebook group and ask follow-up questions to continue to learn and improve.

Week 5: Monetize Your Efforts

In this 60 min session (virtual Zoom meeting and recorded) you will learn techniques to transition from “let’s meet for coffee” to a sales conversation. Plus, you will gain specific conversation strategies to uncovering the other person’s needs, ask for the sale, and follow-up.

Week 6: Success!

In this final 60 min session (virtual Zoom meeting and recorded), share your latest networking successes and get answers to any questions on crafting, marketing or monetizing your message for success.

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